NiwradSoft - Reloaded: Vista Live Shell Pack 2.5.1

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Vista Live Shell Pack 2.5.1

* Misc: Force Reload Improvements and Corrections
* Misc: Mod Source Code Example
* New: Force Reload
* New: Support for Mod’s
* New: Mod Source Code
* Misc: Installer Improvements
* Misc: TempFiles is Not Used on This Version, The folder is clean
* New: Green Edition Project
* New: TrueTransparency Software and Live Skin
* New: Styler Software
* New: Added 60 DLL, 33 EXE Files
* New: NiwradSoft Settings
* New: NiwradSoft Uxtheme Patcher 1.0
* New: Wallpapers
* Misc: System restore Point Updated
* Misc: New Installer Project Icon
* Misc: New Installer Design
* Misc: Minor Changes
The green and pink versions will be the version 2.6
Mod Source Code

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